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Fixing Clips for Webforge Grating and Mesh Products

Fixing Clips

Fixing Clips for Webforge Gratings and Mesh

Webforge offers a complete range of fixing clips and accessories to suit a variety of grating and mesh profiles depending on the application and installation requirements.

Access Clips

Clip Assemblies

The Webforge Clip (C100MG) is a galvanised clip, consisting of;
  • a pre-assembled "clip top"
  • M8 bolt & nut, and
  • bottom bracket
The clip set captures the nut, allowing fixing from the top of the grating, enabling a rapid and secure connection of grating to steel support sections.
Fixing Clips

 Product Code
Screw Size
To suit flange thickness (mm)
Webforge Grating type
Grating Bar depth* D (mm)
 C001MG M8x65 5 - 16
A,B,C,D,E,F Min 20   Max 50

* longer screws available for greater bar depth. Max bar depth = 65mm

Top Clips

Top Clips

Bottom Clips

bottom fixing clips

Screws & Rivets

screws fixing clips

Clip Frequency

Nominal 4 per panel.

  • Approximately 3 per M2 where span is > 1500mm.
  • Approximately 5 per M2 where span is > 750mm or less

Fixing Clips are not generally recommended in areas of vibration or where lateral loads are applied to the grating.


Welding grating to the support structure is a suitable method of fixing, provided minimum requirement are met. The minimum number of welds is four per panel.

Weld 5mm fillet 25mm long at 1000mm centres.
Expanded Mesh: Weld every fourth strand.



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