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metal wall cladding

Perforated Metal

Webforge supplies perforated metal products, from Richardson Metal Products, in a number of material types, surface treatments, hole patterns and hole sizes.

Richardson Metal Products (Shanghai) Ltd. was established in 2001 and has been a part of the Valmont Group since 2013. Richardson produces excellent quality perforated metal from its facility in Shanghai, which is equipped with high-speed, advance and reliable CNC presses and punch machines from Soenan (Belgium) and Bruck (Germany). These machines are complemented by an extensive range of tools and dies which allow Richardson perforated metal sheets and coils to be produced in standard and customized designs, to the European standards.

Richardson has the capability to produce perforated metal from coil to coil, coil to sheet or from sheet to sheet depending on customers’ requirements.  

Richardson Perforated Metal Products are available in stock panels or coils, depending on customers requirements. With a vast variety of perforated patterns and hole sizes, Richardson Perforated Metal Products are suitable for major construction projects including airports, sporting stadiums, transport terminals, and commercial and residential projects.

Richardson Perforated Metal Products are also commonly used in:
  • Metal Wall Cladding Systems
  • Metal Roofing Systems
  • Roller Shutters
  • Acoustic and Noise Control Systems
  • Servo Cabinet Doors
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • Industrial Filters and Screens
  • Slip Resistance Panels
metal wall cladding
metal wall cladding 2

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Webforge operates throughout the Asia Pacific region in locations such as  India, New ZealandSingapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and Australia.