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Webforge Aquadrain Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels

Webforge Aquadrain®  Drainage Channel Product Line

Webforge offers the Aquadrain range of polymer concrete drainage channels for use in a variety of applications including car parks, pedestrian shopping precincts, service station forecourts and driveway crossovers.

Aquadrain channels are manufactured in specialised conditions and utilise a specifically formulated resin binder, which provides increased resistsance to chemical attack.  This allows the channels to provide durable drainage services, even in heavy duty applications.

In addition to the Class E heavy duty system, Aquadrain® is suitable for dock loading and container terminals, forklift access areas, and machinery wash-down aprons and offers a bolt down option for the grates.


Aquadrain® Drainage Channels - Product Benefits:

  • channels in one metre modules
  • a range of interchangeable gratings to suit different applications
  • an interlocking profile for ease of assembly and alignment
  • reduced site costs by removing the requirement for formwork
  • suitablility for a range of vehicle wheel loads

Aquadrain Product Profiles

Aquadrain drainage channels are available with either Ductile Iron or Galvanised grates, with varying surface profiles.

Channel depths and widths also vary, depending on the application and requirements.

Talk to your Webforge sales consultant to discuss your application.


Transverse Style


Longitudinal Heelguard Style

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