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Load Bar Direction

The load bar is the flat bar from which the grating is made and the support of the grating has to be perpendicular to this direction. The direction of the load bar defines the span of the grating.
SPAN & Load bar direction
SPAN & Load bar direction incorrect

Installation Details

Minimum support dimension

The minimum support dimension for grating and expanded metal is 25mm for load bars up to 50mm deep and a minimum of 50mm for load bars > 50mm deep. Webforge recommends that the land on the support should be equal to the height of the load bar.

Load Bar Multiples

As grating is made from load bars spaced apart from each other, the width of grating is always taken to the nearest whole number of bars. This is referred to as load bar multiples. See table.

Sizes are the overall dimension; 'outside to outside' of bars, based on 5mm bars for A to F Pattern and 6mm bars for FRP G Pattern.

Recommended Support details 



Grating Cantilevers

Grating cantilevers up to 250mm in the loadbar direction are acceptable as long as the grating is securely anchored to the supports (not clips). Cantilevers in the crossrod direction are not acceptable.

Expanded Metal Installation

Nominal Gap
Laying Sheets


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