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Webforge EzyFence Steel Security Fencing System

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Webforge EzyFence for Security Fencing Applications

Webforge EzyFence is a pre-cut grating security fence, designed for moderate through to maximum security applications.  Comprised of mild steel flat bars, measuring 25mm x 3mm, standing on edge and equally spaced from each other. A 6mm twisted cross rod is forge-welded (a process of metal fusion using a combination of high temperature and high pressure) into the top of the bars to provide unparalleled strength and restraint from buckling. EzyFence is hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust.

Structural strength

EzyFence is extremely strong due to its forge welded construction. EzyFence does not need tension wires, unlike wire mesh fences. The flat bars and cross rods provide excellent security, as they can't be cut and won't unravel, unlike wire fences.

Long Lasting and Durable Steel Fence

Hot Dip Galvanized in accordance with BS 729 and ASTM A153, EzyFence will last longer than cyclone or wire mesh fencing. It is ideal for all heavy duty fencing requirements, especially in the highly corrosive environment along coastlines.

Ready to Install - EzyFence Security Fencing System

EzyFence is a complete pre-fabricated system. It comes with galvanized steel posts, fence connectors, barbed wires and other accessories including stainless steel bolts and nuts.

Easy and Quick Installation

EzyFence only requires a concrete base in order to erect. It requires less on-site fabrication than typical security fences and does not require on-site welding, saving valuable time and labour costs.

Maintenance Free

EzyFence is fully galvanized, providig it with high resistance to rust and deformation. EzyFence requires minimal maintenance, for over 40 years.

EzyFence Systems are Beautiful and Functional

EzyFence is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It is designed and engineered to provide maximum security and fabricated using state-of-the-art machines for an architectural level of finish. 

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