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Press-Locked Grating from Webforge

Webforge Press-Lock Grating is an alternative grating system, offering similar function and performance as its welded steel grating counterpart.

Press assembly is achieved by slotting rectangular cross rods into notched load bars. This process provides grating with a smooth surface and clean appearance. It is ideal for architectural applications such as Building Exteriors, Window Balconies, Sun Shields, Honeycomb Ceilings and Ventilation Guides.

Press Locked grating is available in two types;
Press-locked - where Load Bars are notched and then interlocked with Cross Rods.
Full-locked - Load Bars and Cross Rods of equal heights are notched then interlocked with one another under extreme pressure.

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1. The spans listed (above & left) are the maximum value under the condition specified.
2. Specifications are not limited to those listed above & left.
3. For further discussion on heavy-load or live-load grating, please contact our sales and marketing office.

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