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Water Drain Access Covers

Access Covers

Webforge Access Covers for Water Drainage

The Webforge range of cast-iron access hole covers are designed to Australian Standards and engineered to perform. Webforge is committed to delivering premium products. We back-up all of our products with expert engineering service, for total support.

Contact your local Webforge Sales representative to discuss your project.

Civil Access Cover

Shapes & Sizes

Access hole covers include most popular shapes and sizes; all meeting our rigorous design standards and are available in several load classes and option variations.

Access cover in concrete

Access covers insitu

Installation of Webforge Access Covers

Low relative weight, coupled with a large seating flange on the frame provides ease of installation.

AS3996 Requirements

In addition to strength, AS3996 specifies;

  • a requirement for gas and water tightness,
  • keyhole dimensions,
  • grate bicycle safety,
  • identification markings, and
  • frame dimensions

All Webforge access covers and drainage grates can comply with these requirements, if requested. 

Please identify your specific requirements when talking to your Webforge sales consultant.

Specifying sizes


The industry convention is to identify the size of access covers and drainage grates by specifying the
internal clear opening dimensions of the frame. For circular covers this dimension is a diameter. For square and rectangular covers, the normal convention is Width x Length (W x L). For single part covers, the width is taken as the frame dimension parallel to the side of the cover with two keyholes.

Webforge Frame Clear opening dimensions

Webforge access cover frame clear openings are 15mm larger than the nominal sizes of industry standard sized pits.

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