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Aluminium Grating Finishes from Webforge

Aluminium grating

Aluminium Grating Finishes, Top Surface & Treatments

Webforge aluminium grating is available in a number of material types and finishes.

Materials available

A Aluminium
M Mild Steel
S Stainless Steel Grade 316
S1 Stainless Steel Grade 304

Load Bar Surface

Aluminium grating is available with either a plain or serrated top surface.

 S Serrated Bars P Plain Bars



 Serrated grating is available with most standard load bearing bars (aluminium and steel only). The serrations are formed by placing a series of notches along the upper edge of the load bar, thus enhancing the non-slip characteristics of the grating.

* Use the serrated conversion factors, shown on the Load Tables, to determine load bearing and spanning capacity.
NB Load bars 20mm deep or 6mm thick, and Stainless steel grating are available in plain finish only (not serrated).

Webforge serrated grating is based on the Webforge serration profile,
which complies to BS 4592.


Treatment (Finish)

Aluminium grating is available with the following finishes.

 Mill Finish (aluminium or stainless steel only)
PC Powder coated
Painted to project specification

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